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Build the Life Your Deserve: Captain and Plumber

I spent most of my childhood fishing with my dad. That’s when I developed a love for being on the water. Post high school graduation, I had an opportunity to kick off my career in the plumbing industry. Driven and focused on perfecting my craft, I soon received my Journeyman’s license. Shortly after, I got my Master’s license.  

I incurred zero student loan debt and for this reason I was able to buy my first home at 23 years old. As time progressed, so did my passion for fishing and boating. I obtained my US Coastal Guard license and bought my first boat. I named her “Miss Meagan” after my eldest daughter. That was my first 37 foot charter boat, one of my proudest achievements.

After several years, I upgraded my boat and set up for my next venture…  to get my boating business off the ground. It wasn’t easy however. I struggled with splitting time between my career as a plumber and boating. I knew I had to find a company that respected and trusted my skillset, all while giving me the flexibility I needed to pursue my dream.

I soon found that balance at Shapiro & Duncan.  Former CEO Sheldon Shapiro,  supported me every step of the way. He even went as far as organizing fishing trips for several departments within the company.

I believe that finding a career in construction was my financial safety net and the ticket to making my boating endeavor come to life. I now spend time boating on weekends with an average of 30 customers per weekend catching bay fish, rock fish, blue fish and several more. I attribute the quality of my work to how well Shapiro & Duncan invested in me, and for continuing my education.

Between fishing and working as a construction foreman, you could say I run a tight ship.