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Build the Lifestyle You Deserve: Rockstar Plumber

I was a typical suburban kid raised by a great family, but felt the strong pull to break free at the young age of 18. Even though I was focused on having a good time over schoolwork, I still had the strong work ethic my parents instilled in me. My goal was to take my passion of singing/songwriting and make it my full time career.
I played in a hard rock/heavy metal band called “Guilty” and for several other local bands, but still wasn’t earning enough money to where I could make it on my own. I then decided just two weeks after high school graduation I would skip college and jump right into a career in the corporate world. Let’s just say, that didn’t quite work out for me.
I went back to playing shows full time. While it was great exposure, I still needed to find a way to supplement my income. A friend introduced me to a career as a plumber. He said, “You will earn a decent salary by day, and you can still be a rockstar at night.” It was the perfect balance.
Several years into my plumbing career, I got into a severe car accident breaking both of my jaw bones. This was the turning point in my life that made me take my career in construction more serious. I recognized how stable this career was with great pay and benefits. It also fit my personality and lifestyle, connecting me with like-minded people. I decided to work towards obtaining my WSSC Journeyman’s license.
By the age of 30, I was then seeking an opportunity to work for a company that would support my goals of fine tuning my skills.
I wanted to be able to purchase my first house, work towards owning a vacation home and have some fun traveling on my Harleys. I found that opportunity at Shapiro & Duncan. The company set me up with a mentor that recognized my potential and encouraged me to climb the ladder through the company’s paid training and educational program. I gained more trade licenses and earned various certificates, which improved my earning potential.
I was able to meet all of my financial goals, but the one goal most bittersweet to me is was when I purchased my first corvette just shy of my 50th birthday. As a young boy in the 70s, I used to watch speed racer. I really admired that car. Fulfilling a dream that you had since you were a kid, is an incredible feeling.
I credit all of my success to building a career in the construction industry and by choosing to work for Shapiro & Duncan. The company’s strong educational programs kept me on the right path. Most importantly, I found a fun light spirited culture that matched my personality. Shapiro & Duncan has given me so much pride in my work that I’ve stayed here for 24 years and it’s with this company I plan to retire.