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HVAC Maintenance Contracts: Smart Customers Invest

You just finished your new building, tenant build out or replaced your mechanical systems and the mechanical contractor hands you a proposal to maintain your new equipment. What’s up with that? You just paid a small fortune for this system. It should run without any issues for a long time or at least until the warranty expires, right?

It’s hard to look into the future of your new mechanical system when you just purchased it. A smart buyer will recognize that it is a complex system with many large pieces of machinery and many moving parts. He/she will realize there are elements that need to be lubricated, adjusted and replaced on a regular basis.
A savvy customer will ask the questions: What is the impact on this operation if this system fails? What happens if my system does not work the way it is supposed to? What if my system is not operating at the highest efficiency levels that it can be? Does my system operate 24/7? Who can I call in case of an emergency? The answer to these questions would be to invest in a maintenence contract.

Would you feel comfortable getting on a plane knowing that you are getting the lowest cost airfare because the airline does not maintain their planes properly? Would you just hop in your car and drive across country having never invested in oil and filter changes? The best insurance against such mechanical mishaps is to maintain your system on a periodic basis with trained technicians. A maintenenance contract will give you the security you need knowing that a trained technician will take care of the problem, prevent your utility bills from skyrocketing, and avoid any future setbacks or disruptions to your building.

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