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The Road to Journeyman: HVAC Apprentice Edition 1


Edward graduated from the Thomas Edison High School of Technology in Silver Spring, MD in 2016 from the Construction Technology Pathway Cluster Program. This program promotes and encourages the interest of college and career education related to the construction industry. The program is based on the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER ) standards and curriculum to prepare students for post-secondary education and construction careers. He is currently gaining weekly hands on experience by working on the Young American House building project. Here are some of his thoughts on his experience thus far.
Why did you choose a career in construction?
Thomas Edison High School showed me the HVAC service side of Shapiro & Duncan, but I was unaware that they had a construction side. After I graduated from high school, I worked for a small residential company for almost 2 years; however, I got bored doing the same installs everyday. I applied to the S&D HVAC Apprentice opening hoping to learn new skills. They brought me into the construction department and now I have the daily opportunity to learn new things. Another reason for pursuing a career in HVAC is that my father also does HVAC, and I inspire to be like my dad. 
How has your perception of the construction industry changed now that you are a part of it?
My apprenticeship program opened my eyes on how minor details make a difference in construction. Before I started, I thought all pipes go in one direction and lay flat. Now that I am a part of the actual construction process, I see that it is nothing like that. 
What was your main factor for pursuing technical education over a 4-year institution?
My parents could only afford to send one sibling to college, so I evaluated my options and concluded that pursuing a career in construction will yield positive financial results a lot sooner. Also, pursuing a career that allowed me to remain active and put in the physical work was a major factor for me. This career path allows me to achieve both; exercise my physique and yield positive financial results. 
Why did you choose Shapiro & Duncan to start your career?
When I was back in High school, my HVAC teacher knew about Shapiro & Duncan and recommended it! When I saw an opportunity to work here, I knew I had to pursue it! 
Do you have any career advice to give to a high school student?
Going straight into a 4-year college program, you’ll obtain a massive amount of debt and with no immediate hands-on experience. However, going into the trades, you won’t obtain any debt and you’ll have the opportunity to learn applicable skills that will help you for the rest of your life.