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The Road to Journeyman: HVAC Apprentice Edition 2

Fernando graduated from the Thomas Edison High School of Technology in Silver Spring, MD in 2016 from the Construction Technology Pathway Cluster Program. This program promotes and encourages the interest of college and career education related to the construction industry. The program is based on the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER) standards and curriculum to prepare students for post-secondary education and construction careers. He is currently gaining weekly hands on experience by working on the Young American House building project. Here are some of his thoughts on his experience thus far.

What attracted you to this industry?
I started learning about construction from my brothers. That is primarily how I got into HVAC. When I attended Thomas Edison High School, they spoke to me about the various opportunities available at S&D. That is how I became interested in joining the S&D team. My career started in the construction department and it has been a great experience so far. I am learning a different branch of the trade. 
How has your perception of the construction industry changed now that you are a part of it?
I thought it was all drywall, wood, concrete, and stacking up brick. I had no idea about the critical components that go into raising a building. Several companies working together to construct a project, with all the minor details being checked off along the way. I find it astounding.  
What have you enjoyed the most about your career journey so far?
The people I work with are enjoyable! Almost every day, I learn something new. There is an energy boost knowing that you will go home with information you didn’t have the day before. 
Why did you choose Shapiro & Duncan to start your career?
Shapiro & Duncan seemed like a great company and they are. They provide great benefits, help pay for school, and take care of their people. They communicate with you throughout the process and update you with everything you need to know.
Do you have any career advice to give to a high school student?
Before you pursue a career, think about all of the advantages of pursuing that career. Specifically with a career in construction, know that everything you do is worth it. You will be given the opportunity to make some serious money, but you will have to go through obstacles to succeed.