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The Road to Journeyman: HVAC Apprentice Edition 3


Tyrique graduated from the Thomas Edison High School of Technology in Silver Spring, MD in 2016 from the Construction Technology Pathway Cluster Program. This program promotes and encourages the interest of college and career education related to the construction industry. The program is based on the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER ) standards and curriculum to prepare students for post-secondary education and construction careers. He is currently gaining weekly hands on experience by working on the Young American House building project. Here are some of his thoughts on his experience thus far.

How has your perception of the construction industry changed?
I learned that projects require a lot of collaboration between different construction trades. I had this perception that one company goes in and installs everything, but with Shapiro & Duncan subcontracting, we handle one aspect of the oiled machine. The trades require a practical approach and you find yourself learning so much on the job site. 
Describe your experience so far.
It has been great. I have learned a lot from my trainer and mentor and how to play a part so that the job moves along smoothly. When I was wiring up the sump pump and the startups on the fan power boxes, I felt good about the career choice I have made. Knowing what I learned actually yielded results. 
Why did you choose technical education over a 4 year degree?
I took HVAC courses at Edison for two years, specifically my senior and junior years. I wanted to give it a try because my uncle started doing HVAC, but unfortunately couldn’t finish his training. Because I wasn’t in the grade level yet to be able to enter the program, I went to houses in the morning, and learned how to install duck work with my instructor. It was then that I decided that I wanted to pursue the HVAC trade. I also have two of my high school classmates here with me at Shapiro & Duncan. After I complete my apprenticeship program, I see myself as a HVAC Technician in a few years. I want to become my own boss and explore all of the endless possibilities. 
Do you have any career advice to give to a high school student?
If you like working with your hands, then try to pursuit a trade in construction. Take advantage of the opportunities offered by employers, it makes a difference in your learning experience.