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The Excellence in Ethics Certification celebrates construction subcontractors and suppliers that embody ASA’s values of ethical and equitable business practices in their companies and the construction industry.

Rockville, MD – March 2, 2018 – Shapiro & Duncan was recognized as a subcontractor that adheres to construction practices, corporate ethics, policies and procedures in the construction industry at the 2018 SUBExcel event on March 2nd in Temple, Arizona. The mechanical contractor was honored for their outstanding commitment to customer relations and dedication to fostering a teamwork culture unparalleled in the construction industry. The award ceremony celebrated companies that demonstrate the highest standards of internal and external integrity. As a leading mechanical contractor, Shapiro & Duncan has work tirelessly to uphold the highest ethical merit amongst their competitors, vendors, subcontractors and clients.

 “We have been a joint venture partner and a subcontractor for Shapiro and Duncan, Inc. They understand the team approach. They are fair, honest on the financial side and have a respect for each companies’ employees.”

– John D. Magnolia, President of Joseph J. Magnolia, Inc.

Each and every member that I have encountered has always possessed character that promotes integrity, open and fair competition.”

 – Kenneth Mallick, President of Mallick Mechanical

“Shapiro & Duncan has always treated HPS Specialties with fairness and respect. They consistently provide accurate information and clear direction so we may provide the correct materials and service for their construction projects. If there is ever an issue with a project, Shapiro and Duncan works with us in an efficient and equitable manner until the issue has been resolved.”

 – Davis Yoho, Sales Representative at HPS SPECIALTIES

“As a close business friend, I see how much money, time and effort Shapiro & Duncan spends to educate their team and the subcontractors they use.

  – Jeff Kogok, CEO at Kogok Corporation

“During my 10 years with the Shapiro & Duncan account, I’ve always felt like I was treated fair and have never been asked to do something that goes against my personal values or company policy.”

 – Andy Beal, Sales Engineer, HAVTECH

“Contracts are always negotiated fairly and openly. Fees and expenses are reasonable and commensurate with the service provided and the responsibilities and risks to be assumed. Shapiro & Duncan encourages employees to keep up with environmental and sustainable business practices through lean construction efforts, recycling, and achieving a paperless system.

– Buddy Henley, President of Henley Construction Company, Inc.

41 years later, the vision and mission at Shapiro & Duncan remains the same; continuously striving to strengthen their customers’ satisfaction by maintaining the highest ethical standards and comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations. The company has an unwavering commitment to all parties involved in each project.

In addition, Shapiro & Duncan values their employees’ feedback and recommendations. The company has implemented confidential mechanisms through which their concerns can be heard and addressed. The Shapiro & Duncan Corporate Code of Ethics is comprised of antitrust laws, bribery and kickback prohibitions, conflict of interest responsibilities, solicitation prohibitions, environmental compliance, falsification prohibitions, confidentiality agreements and security procedures.  These codes were institutionalized to assure that all employees operate by industry standards of practice, promoting a full and open competition between businesses.

The presentation of the Excellence in Ethics award to Shapiro & Duncan asserts their commitment to meeting the most stringent standards for ethics in the construction industry. The company continues to work tirelessly to improve the business environment in the industry.