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Career Development

Education, training and career development at Shapiro & Duncan are a win-win-win. Clients benefit from educated and experienced professionals, and skilled and experienced craftspeople who do the job right the first time. Shapiro & Duncan benefits from more productive employees who are current on best practices, yielding repeat business and referrals. At the same time, employees advance in their careers and earn more as they continue career development.

Apprenticeship Sponsorship

Shapiro & Duncan’s apprenticeship program stands as a beacon of commitment to nurturing talent and expertise within the construction industry. In partnership with the Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC Metro Washington/Virginia), Association of Air Conditioning Professionals (AACP), and Howard County Community College (HCC), our program offers a comprehensive four-year journey for aspiring apprentices in plumbing, HVAC Service, and pipefitting. Apprentices benefit not only from on-the-job training but also from our in-house BootCamp, providing supplemental education to hone their skills. One of the distinctive aspects of our program is the financial support provided for apprentices to attend school or training, ensuring they receive a well-rounded education. Upon graduation, apprentices are equipped not only with invaluable practical experience but also with journeyman licenses, a testament to their readiness to excel in their chosen field. This program exemplifies Shapiro & Duncan’s dedication to fostering the next generation of skilled tradespeople while maintaining the highest standards of quality and expertise within the construction industry.

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Specialized Training

Shapiro & Duncan is deeply committed to workforce development, prioritizing training opportunities to empower employees at every level within the company. Our comprehensive training program caters to individuals from entry-level positions to leadership roles, ensuring continuous learning and skill enhancement. We provide a diverse range of courses regularly and maintain an updated training calendar, offering flexibility for employees to request specific training sessions. This dedication to ongoing education underscores our commitment to fostering a skilled and knowledgeable workforce, enabling our team members to thrive in their roles and contribute effectively to the company’s success.

S&D YOUniversity​

At Shapiro & Duncan, fostering employee growth and success is our priority. We achieve this through a thorough program that includes in-house training sessions, conducted multiple times a year by our in-house experts. This comprehensive approach provides our employees with opportunities for technical skill development, leadership growth, and opportunities to receive specialized certifications, enabling them to consistently deliver industry-leading mechanical solutions.

S&D YOUniversity

Learn & Earn

Here at Shapiro & Duncan, supporting your professional journey is a top priority. We happily cover a range of third-party courses, ensuring you continue receiving your regular pay while attending. As an apprentice with us, you can count on comprehensive support for your development and we're dedicated to investing in your education by reimbursing relevant tuition fees. Your growth matters to us, and we're here to help every step of the way.

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