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With our Building Automation Services (BAS) and Energy Management Services (EMS) capabilities, Shapiro & Duncan has the advanced technology tools to integrate building controls – including HVAC, lighting and security systems – to reduce operating costs by maximizing system efficiencies to make sure our customers are getting top performance out of their equipment.

Range of Services
Our team of Automatic Temperature Control (ATC) specialists provides a complete range of services, including:

  • Planning BAS and EMS systems for jobs where the design has already been coordinated by a mechanical engineer, to ensure that our controls operate seamlessly with the design specifications provided.
  • Design/build support for customers who already have a building that needs controls for thermostats, lights, security and more.
  • Design/assist liaison with mechanical engineers outside our firm to integrate controls into a facility to help maximize performance for the customer.

Pivotal Role
Shapiro & Duncan’s ATC team can play a pivotal role at any point in a mechanical construction project: at the negotiation stage at the beginning of a project; at the midway point to handle development of controls; or at completion to assist with interoperability issues.

When it comes to ensuring that different systems and devices are interoperable (able to communicate effectively across different software protocols and languages) nobody does it better than Shapiro & Duncan’s ATC pros.

We can automate your BAS and EMS controls from a central location that operates the system through preset logic. Local (i.e., onsite) access can be provided using a graphical connection while remote access can be enabled through a website or remote terminal facility.

Customization is Key
In planning and designing BAS and EMS controls, our ATC team is equipped to provide a complete turnkey package to the customer. Each and every one of our controls projects is custom programmed and tailored to each facility.

System Capabilities
Our BAS and EMS control systems are configured to provide a graphical animated interface customized for each facility. This user interface includes floor plan layouts with temperature overlays that detect warm or cold spots in the building. From there, we can drill down to specific pieces of equipment to view actual operating conditions of the unit and make set point adjustments. With trending of equipment performance and building conditions within the building, we are able to coordinate scheduling of equipment and zones to maximize performance.

Scalability is another advantage of our control systems, which can operate a single building or a series of buildings through communal access via LAN, WAN or internet connections.