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Shapiro & Duncan prioritizes sustainability in construction. We reduce our ecological footprint, promote energy-efficient technologies, and use environmentally friendly materials. Our goal is to inspire positive change in the industry and create a sustainable world for future generations.


Our Expertise

Sustainable Advice

At Shapiro & Duncan, we provide invaluable sustainable advice, collaborating closely with clients and stakeholders to optimize energy efficiency, incorporate renewable solutions, and enhance long-term sustainability in the built environment.

Cost Analysis

Our cost analysis considers lifecycle and operational costs, enabling informed decisions that balance upfront expenses with long-term savings. Our recommendations deliver immediate cost efficiencies and increased sustainability throughout the project's lifespan.

Equipment Consult

We provide consultation for sustainable equipment replacement, optimizing energy performance and empowering informed decisions for long-term sustainability and cost savings. Together, we create a sustainable future through smart equipment choices and maximizing energy efficiency.

Achieve Green Initiatives

We offer comprehensive support for achieving LEED credits and other green initiatives. Our expert team guides contractors and owners in sustainable building practices, materials, and systems, optimizing energy efficiency and creating environmentally responsible buildings aligned with sustainability goals.

Sustainability Compliance

We stay updated on sustainability laws, policies, and initiatives to provide accurate guidance on compliance, energy efficiency, and sustainable construction practices. Leverage our expertise to maximize financial returns through incentives and uncover funding opportunities.

Engineering Energy Modeling

Our engineering team uses energy modeling to project building energy usage, identify opportunities for energy savings, optimize system sizing, and recommend cost-efficient strategies. We help clients achieve sustainability goals and reduce energy consumption effectively.

HE Equipment Installation

Our field team excels in installing high-efficiency equipment with attention to detail and industry best practices. Leveraging our expertise, we help clients achieve energy savings, reduce environmental impact, and improve operational efficiency with cutting-edge technologies.

Leed certified leadership

Our LEED-certified team members provide valuable guidance on LEED certification and green initiatives. With expertise in energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, and materials selection, we ensure compliance with green building standards and help clients achieve sustainability objectives.

Safe Recycling

At Shapiro & Duncan, safety and responsible recycling are paramount. We follow strict protocols and local regulations to protect the environment and human health on our job sites contributing to a cleaner and healthier future.


Our Performance

S&D sustainability

Our Efforts

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Shapiro & Duncan takes pride in our 52,000 sq. ft. prefabrication facility powered by 925 SunPower solar modules. Our solar array has generated over 1,500 MWh of electricity, making us net positive in electrical use since 2019. This achievement reflects our commitment to sustainability and producing clean energy for a greener future.


At Shapiro & Duncan, we embrace technology to minimize paper usage and promote sustainability. Our teams utilize advanced tools like TV screens and iPads to digitize processes, reducing reliance on paper-based documentation. This commitment to digital transformation improves efficiency, streamlines communication, and significantly reduces paper waste, aligning with our sustainability goals and operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

Advanced Software Technology